About Hauraki Brewing Company

Spirit Unlimited was created in 1990 by Malcolm Willmott and Peter Wheeler to support a growing interest in Distilling.

Malcolm Willmott

Malcolm WillmottMalcolm's engineering skills have always been directed to making things work better and faster - be it speedboats, cars, aeroplanes or stills. 

Living on the Otago coast, prototypes continue to flow from the workshop only interrupted by a life long love of brewing.


Peter Wheeler

Peter WheelerPeter has had 40 years of brewing experience.

On completion of courses in microbiology and biochemistry he has been involved with the industry for over 30 years.



About Hauraki Brewing

We manufacture a wide range of food and beverage flavours and brewing ingredients. From the well known Spirits Unlimited range to  Brewmaster and Flavour Burst.

From spirit making flavours, beer makers adjuncts to milkshake, syrups, slushie flavourings, essences and colours. The range is vast.

We specialise in bulk ingredients specifically developed and made to your requirements.

All ingredients meet international regulations for content, quality and safety while all equipment
undergoes as least one year quality testing in the field before release.

We manufacture Brewmaster Beer Kits and are the distributors and agents for Muntons, Brigalow, BlackRock, Coopers and Morgans Beers. Also stocked are Cider and Wine Kits.

With engineers, chemists and food technologists on staff, product ranges continue to expand and become technically better, so your queries can be dealt with by an expert.